A8stract NTW

30 12 2008

I am still not sure what the NTW in the title of this theme signifies or stands for, but either way the theme is very nice and sleek!

With the installation and “turning on” of this theme, your iPhone will receive changes to its “slide to unlock” area on the charging/lock screens, the icons, and the background.  I have to admit, the icons that are in this theme are some of the coolest I have seen.


30 12 2008

I thought this was a nice and simple change of a theme, if there ever was one.

Tenuis will change the “slide to unlock” button to a Tap to Unlock button, but you will notice to the right of the button you can partially see the word “unlock.” Of course, the icons were changed along with the background.


26 12 2008

When I think “sleek,” I think Brilliant, the theme Brilliant that is.

This cool, dark and shiny theme changes the charging screen, the lock screen, wallpaper, background, icons, and sms bubbles! It all comes together for one nice package.


26 12 2008

I will admit that this theme all-in-all seems a bit pointless and very annoying, but the developer did mention that it was meant to stress the power of SpringBoard to its max.  And it does just that.

Animated bouncing apple logo in background

**WARNING: Will render iPhone unusable for it uses all the memory to run

Iron Man

26 12 2008

OK, it has been a while since I last posted some themes.  What can I say? The Holidays 🙂  I hope everyone had a great holiday(s) celebration and got at least one thing they wanted!

So let us waste no more time and get into our new theme Iron Man.

This theme changed the charging and locked screens, the keypad, sms bubbles, the background, and of course the icons…oh yeah, it also added loading screens for apps!


22 12 2008

Prepared to be frozen by this chilly theme that is sure to please any of those that are after “complete” themes.  This theme includes changes to the following:

  • Charging screen
  • Lock screen
  • Keypad
  • Icons
  • Lock/Unlock sounds
  • iPod interface
  • SMS bubbles

Silent Hill

20 12 2008

Calling all Silent Hill fans! O.K., calling everyone. Here is  an awesome theme which changes the charging screen, lock screen, keypad, icons, and adds an animated background.