Like what you’ve found? What else would you like to see?

30 12 2008

I have been going at this “theme reviewing” for just over two weeks now, and I would like to know what you guys and gals think of it all. I am doing this for fun but also to help those who love WinterBoard themes as much as I do and encountered the same problem I did.

Is there a certain theme you have heard of and would like reviewed? Is there a feature you think would benefit the overall browsing experience? Is there an issue you have when navigating around the site?

I would really appreciate any feedback you could give me by emailing me or simply leaving a comment here on this post.  ♥

Thank you,



30 12 2008

I thought this was a very cool idea to use the time of the day to change the background.

I am still not sure what the exact time interval is but I know it is at least several hours.  The sun and moon in the background look very nice and realistic.


30 12 2008

This theme did not quite appeal to me at first and then I actually put it on my phone.  Once I had it loaded, I actualy liked it a lot! The icons are a bit enlarged from their default size but it still looks nifty.

Changes: Wallpaper, some icons, and the background.  Note: there is also an option in the theme to have the weather show up on the wallpaper when the phone is locked but I have not been able to successfully achieve this feature more than once.


30 12 2008

Yes, that is correct, it is Monochrome Agua! I decided many have already seen or at least heard of the normal Monochrome theme.  Therefore, I decided that this particular string of the theme would be better to review!

Put this theme into action and it will change the charging screen, “slide to unlock” slider, some icons, SMS bubbles, background, and even the keypad!

A8stract NTW

30 12 2008

I am still not sure what the NTW in the title of this theme signifies or stands for, but either way the theme is very nice and sleek!

With the installation and “turning on” of this theme, your iPhone will receive changes to its “slide to unlock” area on the charging/lock screens, the icons, and the background.  I have to admit, the icons that are in this theme are some of the coolest I have seen.


30 12 2008

I thought this was a nice and simple change of a theme, if there ever was one.

Tenuis will change the “slide to unlock” button to a Tap to Unlock button, but you will notice to the right of the button you can partially see the word “unlock.” Of course, the icons were changed along with the background.